Slate Belt Youth Soccer Association
Greetings Coaches

As you may already know, our sign-ups for our Fall 2017 Season is next
weekend, Friday May 5th from 6-9 and Saturday May 6th from 9-12.  We
are hoping you will coach for us again this season.  Our In House
program requires 60+ volunteer coaches.  We value you as a volunteer
in making our program a success.

We wanted to touch base with everyone in regards to a new law that took
affect. The law is Keep Kids Safe. You can reference the website if you would like to review.    All volunteers must
complete a criminal record check as well as a Child Abuse History
Clearance.  All athletic clubs and other clubs will have to have their
volunteers complete this check.  Listed below are the clearances that will
be required in order for you to coach as well as the cost for each check:

1.  Criminal Background clearance - $10
2.  Child Abuse Clearance - $10
3.  FBI Clearance - $27.50
 - FBI Clearance is only required if you have not lived in PA for 10yrs.  If
you have lived in PA for 10 years, you will not have to perform this
clearance, but a signed affidavit is required.  If you do not have to
complete the FBI Clearance, there is not a charge.
4.  EPYSA Risk Management - no charge
5.  Concussion Training - no charge

All checks must be completed by July 1st. If you have to perform the FBI
Clearance is can take up to 8 - 10 weeks for the clearance to be done,
and you can only do it through the mail.  If you need to complete this
clearance, we are asking that you do it now.  We cannot let you have any
contacts with the kids without SBYSA having that clearance in hand.

SBYSA will reimburse all coaches up to $20 for the background checks.  
In order to get reimbursed, you need to complete all 5 background
checks by July 1st.   Some of you might have completed all of these
checks already for your employment or other organization.   If you have
completed already, please bring copies with you to registration that we
can keep for file.  

Once you have completed all the necessary checks, we will need hard
copies.  The law does not allow you to email them to us.  You will be
hearing from us during the summer about setting up dates/meetings in
order to get those clearances from you.  The Child Abuse Checks,
Criminal background checks and FBI Clearance are all good for three

In order to ensure that we do have enough coaches for our season, we
will now allow only 2 adult coaches per team.  Our concern will be having
very large rosters as we can only assign teams to coaches who have
performed all of these checks.  Having large rosters means that our
players will not get as many touches on the ball.  Players cannot develop
skills by sitting on the bench.  We pride ourselves by being the one of
the only few clubs that still have their own In House Program.  In order to
have a productive In House program we need to spread out our coaches
as much as possible.  We have over 300 + kids that play In House.

Thank you again for everything that you do for our organization and for
the children of our community.

Volunteer Background Check Process

Affadavit if PA Resident for 10 Years

All coaches are required by the EPYSA to complete the Risk
Management form on the EPYSA website.  
The instructions are as follows;

o   For organization under “recreational and travel clubs” choose – Slate
Belt Youth SA
o   Season “EPYSA Fall 2017”
o   Position either – “ Recreational/Intramural Head Coach” or “       
Recreational/Intramural Assistant Coach”
o   Choose the appropriate “Rec” age group
o   Print out a copy of the submitted form with your EPYSA #

Risk Management Form

EPYSA is requiring that all coaches take a mandatory concussion
awareness and training session.

Concussion Training
Coaches Information